tellmeimawreckxx asked:
how did you manage to stand side stage to watch them play? i've always wondered how that happens

I have a friend in one of the bands that’s on Warped. So other than knowing somebody, I have no clue haha.

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Posted 17 minutes ago

My friend and I stood side stage yesterday for The Maine’s set and mister Patrick Kirch wouldn’t stop staring at me. My friend even made a comment to me about it after their performance. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure the little diva was just jealous that I was longingly starring at his four prom dates.

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the maine
alt press music awards 2014
cleveland, ohio
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Watched my five favorite men do what they do best. No one will ever understand how big of smile they put on my face. #themaine #8123
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Anonymous asked:
Why did The Maine cover Come Back Down by Ivory?? Does it mean something to them, or did they just like it?

I believe John covered that song himself a long time ago, back during the Myspace days. I’m not really sure if it meant something to him or not, but either way he definitely makes a beautiful cover of it. <3

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I’ll be heading to Warped Tour in the morning. I hope to see some of you all there! <3

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